Brownsburg Town Council Announces Appointments



In a brief 9 minute meeting the Brownsburg Town Council made the following Boards and Commission appointments:  Please see the article for details.

APC Robert Brower, Chris Worley
BFT Exec Board Jeff Gracey
BIC Sean Benham, Ryan DeYoung, Dios Hernandez, Steven Herr, Richard Miller
BZA Chris Worley
HCEDC Travis Tschaenn
Hendricks 911 Matt Simpson
MPO Todd Barker, Brian Jessen
Park Board Kent Fillinger
Police Commission Ray Kotarski, Paul Whelan
RDA Phil Sparks, Lorri Mishler, David Warswick
RDC Sean Benham, Jennifer Mulligan, Matt Browning, Ehren Bingaman, Brian Ovarmars
Water Service Advisory Board Gary Golay


January 2nd, 2020 – The first Town Council meeting of the new year was held on Jan 2nd. The purpose of the special meeting was to set the officers and board and commission members for the new terms. The meeting was brought to order by the 2019 Town Council President Brian Jessen. After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Mr. Jessen indicated that all five council members were present. He welcomed the newest members Mr. Gracey and Mr. Simpson to the council (featured below).

The first order of business was to nominate the 2020 Town Council President. Mr. Gracey nominated Mr. Tschaenn as President which was seconded by Mr. Dawes. Mr. Jessen called for a vote which was unanimous. Mr. Jessen then handed the gavel to Mr. Tschaenn to preside over the rest of the meeting (pictured below).

Travis Tschaenn 2020 President Brownsburg Town Council

Mr. Tschaenn then asked for nominations for Vice President. Mr. Jessen nominated Mr. Dawes. The nomination was seconded and with no other nominations, Mr. Dawes was unanimously elected to the role of Vice President (pictured below).

Dennis Dawes 2020 Vice-President Brownsburg Town Council

Next was the nominations for Boards and Commissions.

First was the Redevelopment Authority (RDA) presidential nominations which were Phil Sparks, Lorri Mishler and David Warswick.

The Redevelopment Commission (RDC) presidential nominations were Sean Benham, Jennifer Mulligan and Matt Browning and the council nominations were Ehren Bingaman and Brian Overmars.

The five council nominations for the Brownsburg Improvement Commission (BIC) were Sean Benham, Ryan De Young, Dios Hernandez, Steven Herr and Richard Miller.

The two nominations for the Advisory Plan Commission (APC) were the presidential nomination of Robert Brower and the council nomination of Chris Worley.

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) had two positions which had to be members of the APC. The first was the presidential nomination of Chris Worley and the second will be nominated by the APC at their first meeting.

The Police Commission had two open council nominations which were Ray Kotarski and Paul Whelan.

The presidential appointment to the Brownsburg Fire Territory Executive Board was Jeff Gracey.

The open position on the Park Board was a presidential nomination of Kent Fillinger.

The open position on the Economic Development Commission (EDC) was a presidential nomination of Ryan De Young.

The Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership presidential appointment was Travis Tschaenn.

The Water Service Advisory Board presidential appointment was Gary Golay.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization technical appointment was Todd Barker and the policy appointment was Brian Jessen.

The last nomination was Matt Simpson for the Hendricks County 911 Board.

The next item on the agenda was any other business, hearing none. Mr. Tschaenn asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting and he gaveled his first meeting as Town Council President to a close.  

As noted earlier for two members, this was their first town council meeting.   Jeff Gracey (pictured below) elected as 2020-2024 Ward 2 Town Councilman who replaced Chris Worley.

Jeff Gracey 2020-2024 Ward 2 Representative

Jeff Gracey released this statement following the evening’s meeting:

“A very brief but extremely important Special Town Council Meeting tonight. This year’s appointments to our Boards and Commissions were voted on. It’s amazing how many of our neighbors put themselves out there to serve our Community! My biggest regret is that there were far more volunteers than available positions. Notifications will be out soon. I hope that ALL of us stay engaged in the new year. If you didn’t get an appointment it doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the path our Town is taking. Trust me, there will be plenty of opportunities to have your voice heard in 2020 and beyond. Please stay in touch with me and all your Council Members, Come to some meetings or watch the videos. (We’ll be looking into the quality of the provided video.) I’ll also be looking into making sure the meeting packets are more easily accessible in perpetuity.” — Jeff Gracey via Social Media 

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Matt Simpson (pictured below) elected as 2020-2024 Ward 4 Town Councilman replacing Ashley Bascu.

Matt Simpson 2020 – 2024 Ward 4 Representative

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