Supt. Jim Snapp Provides an Information Update — BHS Incident Response


Brownsburg School Superintendent Jim Snapp
Provides an Update to Recent Events at BHS

At A Glance

Nov. 18th 2022 – Superintendent Jim Snapp shares information with families and the community about a recent non-credible threat to BHS. Which transpired over the past two days.

The 5 min 13 second video below shows:

• Provides a timeline of events as they actually unfolded.
• All threats are taken seriously and student safety is paramount. 
• Shows immediate action taken by BCSC Staff, BCSC & Brownsburg Police Dept’s.
• Threat quickly deemed not credible by all parties involved. 
• Interjects areas where improvements could have de-escalated the situation.
• Continued incident monitoring & response by BCSC Staff, BCSC & B’burg PD’s, w/updates to students, parents, and public.
• Provides a lessons learned from the incident.
• Reaffirms the commitment to the safety and security of BCSC Students.

Article Continues:

The incident began:

In the video Dr. Snapp provides a timeline for events of the prior two days.  The initial event was reported to BHS staff at approximately 2:30pm.  Then BCSC acted swiftly, by 5:45 pm. information collected had been reviewed and deemed it was not a creditable threat. 

Dr. Snapp makes clear (in the video about the 1 min mark) at Thursday 5:45pm an opportunity was lost, BCSC failed to send standard communications to the students, parents, and the public at large regarding the threat and it not being credible.  

The lost opportunity resulted in continued discussions by concerned parents and community members, which resulted in multiple calls to Brownsburg Police Department dispatch and school officials for the remainder of the evening. 

Dr. Snapp expressed his belief that had the communication been sent in a more timely fashion, the affect of the following days events  (Fri Nov. 8th) could have been greatly reduced.  See the Thursday timeline, the article continues below:

Thursday Nov. 17th
2:48 pm. Student report to BHS administration “potential for a threat at the high school”
4:15 pm. BHS administration meet with student and guardian at BHS 
5:15 pm. BCSC PD and BPD report to students home, complete search
5:45 pm. Conference with BHS administration to review all information deem not a creditable threat; Student notified not to return to school
7:15  pm. Social media posts identifies incorrect student making threat
7:15 pm. Through the remainder of the evening, BPD dispatch and school officials notified of concern by parents and community members.

At the 2 minute mark in the video Dr. Snapp outlines the events which transpired on Friday.  Students, staff and the public at large were notified by 8:20am. the aforementioned threat was not credible.  

Unfortunately, at about 11:00am a FAKE text message from BHS and reposted to social media, followed quickly by a false social media post indicated that while one person was detained, they were not acting alone. “Five were still roaming” and “something happening around C lunch”. BCSC requested and received from BPD immediate support via dispatching additional officers for lunch.  In an effort to calm everyone involved.

Dr. Snapp said “In retrospect, we should have had more officers presence at the pick up and drop off as many parents were coming to school to pick up their students at that time”.

By 12:20 pm a second notification was sent by BCSC to parents calling attention to the fake communications. See the Friday timeline, the article continues below. 

Friday Nov. 18th
7:50 am. BHS staff notified not a credible threat
8:20 am. BHS parents notified not a credible threat
11:04 am. FAKE text message from BHS, reposted to social media stating student “did not act alone”.
11:07 am. False social media post stating one person “detained”, “five still roaming” and “something happening around C lunch”.
11:20 am. BPD responds with additional officers for lunch.
11:22 am. BHS principal updates staff regarding preparation for C Lunch.
11:50 am. BHS principal communicates with staff sharing additional details.
12:19 pm. All BCSC parents receive second notification calling attention to fake communication.

Dr. Snapp concluded by saying they had learned a great deal.  They need to continue to emphasize their commitment to keeping students safe, communicate promptly and frequently before, during and after with as much information as possible during these situations. The summary of the video follows below.

BCSC Reaffirms Their Commitment:
• Communicate promptly regarding threats, sharing as much information as they are permitted.
• Communicate with students, parents and staff throughout during these situations
• Focus their communication through sources that are authentic and easily verified as valid sources of communication with parents such as emails and phone calls.

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Created Nov 18th 11:49pm – Initial timeline provided
Updated Nov 19th 11:30am – Additional details regarding the events