Pictures from 2022 BPD & BFT Trick or Treat


Pictures from 2022 BPD & BFT Trick or Treat Night

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October 31, 2022
Brownsburg, IN

Returning to it’s original format since COVID, the Brownsburg Police Department decorated their Haunted Police Station.  Across the street the Brownsburg Fire Territory’s main station handed out treats and fire helmets to their visitors. BPD estimated the attendance at over 540 trick or treaters for the evening.

There’s a good natured rivalry between the police and fire departments.   When the firemen see a child dressed as a policeman, they hand them a fire helmet and encourage them to take a picture driving the fire engine.   The patrolman directing traffic knowing this takes place, may place a select trick or treater in the passenger side of his cruiser and allow them to briefly depress the warble siren button.  In a good natured gentleman’s game of one-upmanship, the next “policeman” is allowed by the firemen a quick blast of the engine’s air horn.   

The gamesmanship quickly ended. Settling into many little ones taking advantage of sitting in a real fire truck and getting their picture taken.  Others who express greater interest were given a quick tour of the engine and ladder equipment, and the fire poles.

On the Brownsburg police side, those who showed keen interest in law enforcement; with parental approval are assisted in wearing a Hi-Vis safety vest, handed a traffic flashlight, and allowed to direct traffic (with the officer standing directly behind if assistance is needed). The officer said he did this for about two or three little ones for the evening. Each time it is done (in complete safety) it’s the fulfillment of a child’s dream. Pictures capturing this are included in the slide show. 

Near the end of the evening, the engine and ladder trucks were sent out on a run.  A few  minutes later the ambulance was dispatched on a separate run.  For about 10 minutes the firehouse was closed to the public, until first the ladder truck then other dispatched equipment returned. 

It is clear, everyone involved had a great time in community outreach from police & fire departments to the public at large.  More importantly touching kids of all ages, giving them one on one contact with men and women who provide both services.   It is not clear who get’s more out of it, members of public safety or the “kids”.  There are no losers. Everyone walked away with a smile.

The Brownsburg Sentinel thanks everyone seen and unseen who contributed to this event. Thank you everyone for your service to the community.

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