BCSC: Quarantine Update, Week 6


BCSC: Quarantine Update, Week 6

The latest update on COVID cases and quarantines

Good evening BCSC families,

The good news is our numbers continue to go down, both in quarantines and number of positive cases. Of course, the movement from 6 feet to 3 feet when we began requiring masks made a difference, followed quickly by the Governor’s Executive Order that quarantines were not necessary in bus and classroom situations in schools that are requiring masks.

This is the third consecutive week with declining quarantine numbers from 791 to 116, and the second consecutive week of declining positive cases from 73 to 43 cases.


Jim Snapp


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  1. Covid 19 is no joke. I contracted it three weeks ago and I’m still recovering. Please be careful and use social distancing as much as possible. Wear a mask and if you’re inclined to be vaccinated do so. Most Brownsburgians are thoughtful and courteous.