UPDATE – Potential Significant Water Rate Increase – Town Council Agenda 10/24


EDITOR’s UPDATE 4:00pm 2019 10/24 — 

Notice from Brian Jessen This Topic to be Tabled

At the 10/24/2019 town council, this agenda item was tabled for 90 days .

Why were these items excluded from the original analysis?

Quote —

* – Should we explore the option of selling the utility?
* – Should we look into smaller increases over time instead?
* – Can we explore other funding options for some of the larger-scale projects our system needs?

[They] believe that this issue demands more research before quick and large increases are needed. – End of Quote

Again, Why were the above items/ issues not part of the original directives given to the town’s financial advisors?

Why was Quote — “this is meant to treat this issue with all the seriousness we can to assure the taxpayers we are researching all options available.” – End of Quote

This publication is unable to identify a time other than re-election when public servants are incentivised to bring their “A” game. Is the “leadership” shown by Brian Jessen the best he’s able to muster? 

Why was the above approach (by their own admission) clearly NOT taken before? Resulting in a waste of taxpayer dollars (a now useless financial advisor report) Only to review the rate increases again, and review items which should have been in the original request?

IF Brian Jessen and the other elected, hired, and appointed public servants were unable to manage this task with all their past time and experiences, how will more time help?

Editor’s NOTE:
— This article contains this call to action.  Please take the time and make the necessary arrangements to attend the Thursday 10/24 Town Council Meeting at 7:00pm held at Town Hall (61 North Green Street). The agenda contains discussing various options to raise water rates, the proposed changes will impact  the entire community, businesses, and others served by the Brownsburg Water Department.   A summary of the proposal and the proposal itself are included in the article below.

If you are unable to attend please consider sending an email to towncouncil@brownsburg.org   Include in the email a request to have the email read into the public record.

ARTICLE Begins: New business on the 10/24 Town Council agenda is consideration of an ordinance (on first reading) to amend Town Code relating to water utility rates. Town of Brownsburg water rates have not increased in 10 years, while expenditures and inflation have both increased. The need for new capital improvements to keep up with the Town’s growth and increasing water supply demands have also contributed to the need for a proposed rate increases. Based on a Water Rate Increase Study, the proposed rate increase includes the following: Jan. 2020 – 15%; Jan. 2021 – 10%; Jan. 2022 – 10%; Jan. 2023 -5%; and Jan. 2024 – 5%. It is proposed that on January 1 of each year beginning in 2025, a 2.5% cost of living adjustment will be added to the previous year’s rates and charges.

To read the entire proposal click below:

2019-27 Water Rate Increase Proposal Summary Page

Click on the link to the right for the entire proposal (32 pages)  >> CLICK HERE <<

10/24 Town Council Agenda Page 1
10/24 Town Council Agenda Page 2


If you are unable to attend in person, you may watch the meeting live via 

If you are unable to attend please consider sending an email to towncouncil@brownsburg.org   Express your thoughts, and include in the email a request to have the email read into the public record.

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