April 30, 2018 – Sabrina Graham


  A letter from Sabrina Graham leader of the Brownsburg North Group Against Annexation (“North Group”) — Now that we have won the annexation battle, it is important to remember elections have consequences especially at the local level. Having the right people elected in local positions will help prevent unwanted changes, which is why I made the recommendations on the previous page.

  I know that many individuals voted for the current Brown township trustee, Tom Kmetz, in 2014 because of my recommendation, and for that I apologize. I am disappointed by Tom’s lack of action and deliberate lack of support for the North Group, even though we were saving the township and fire territory over $100K / year. Shortly after Tom was elected trustee, he denied our request for litigation support, despite the fact that we offered numerous legal opinions in support, and precedence in other Indiana townships.

  Tom also defied a subpoena from us to appear at the annexation bench trial after which he would rarely respond to us. In addition, Tom violated the open door law and was not accommodating with public document requests.

  Nate Mantlo took off work for the week-long annexation hearing, and without being subpoenaed testified on our behalf and in support of the Fire Territory. He and his wife, Bronwen, have given thousands of dollars and have worked hundreds of hours to aid the litigation effort. He is very interested in ensuring that all fire territory residents receive top quality coverage and taxpayers are heard and treated fairly.

See noannexbrownsburg.com for further info. — Sabrina Graham