Brownsburg Town Council Appoints Deb Cook as Town Manager



Brownsburg Town Council
Appoints Deb Cook as Town Manager

Town Manager Deb Cook Pictured Center – Council President Travis Tschaenn Left – Council Vice President Ben Lacey Right

January 27th

The Brownsburg Town Council unanimously appointed Economic Development Director Deb Cook as Town Manager at its meeting on Thursday, January 27.

Cook, who has been with the Town of Brownsburg since 2020, will be stepping up as Town Manager immediately, making her the first woman to hold the position, and the only woman to lead a municipality in Hendricks County.

“Deb is a proven leader and the Council was impressed by her extensive knowledge and background in a variety of municipal government fields, from development to public works to quality-of-life services,” said Town Council President Travis Tschaenn. “She’s an excellent communicator and a true professional who I feel confident will lead our town in the right direction.”

Cook brings a notable amount of government experience to the role, having served 19 years for the City of Kokomo. Her roles included working as a Planner/Community Specialist, Development Manager and ultimately Development Director. In 2012, Cook became the CEO of Kokomo’s Housing Authority.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Indiana Wesleyan and a Master of Public Management from Indiana University. Cook also served as adjunct faculty at Indiana University-Kokomo, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level grant writing classes for nine years.

“I look forward to serving the Town and am excited about the continued progress and development in Brownsburg,” said Cook. “Our commitment to making Brownsburg an optimal place to visit, live and invest will lead to long-term success for our Town.”

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  1. Poor choice in choosing Debbie Cook. Kokomo has been saturated with government housing in turn leading to an huge uptick in crime. As head of their housing authority she allowed it to be ran into the ground. After the Mayor lost the election both Mr. Goodnight and Mrs. Cook left Kokomo. In ruins of course. I’m afraid the same will happen to our nice town. Do your own research. Only took a few Facebook searches and speaking with friends from there to find out she is no good.