BCSC: Plans for Semester 2


BCSC: Plans for Semester 2

Link for changes for Semester 2 + 12/18 & 2/12/21 change

Good afternoon BCSC Families,

There are three key pieces of information to share including adjustments to the school calendar, updated COVID information and the timeline for placement decisions for the second semester.

Adjustments to School Calendar: No School for Students on December 18 & February 12

In addition to keeping our students safe, the next priority we hear from you is to continue to provide some form of ongoing instruction when students are quarantined. In an effort to provide a more coherent plan for the second semester, we have added important professional development days, which impacts our school calendar.

  • • Thursday, December 17, 2020 will be the last day of school for students for the first semester. Staff will be engaged in professional development and planning on Friday, December 18. There will be no students in attendance on that day.
  • • Friday, February 12, 2021 has been designated a professional development day for staff. Students will not be in attendance.
  • • In summary, there will be no school for students on Friday, December 18 or Friday, February 12. These days will not be made-up.

COVID Update: Important Health Department Information

Since my last communication on November 13, the COVID positive cases have continued to reflect what is going on in our community. As a parent, I believe these numbers have caused us to pause—whether it is Thanksgiving plans with family or making a decision regarding placement of our children for the second semester. In BCSC, we have been fortunate. We have been able to staff our schools and continue to teach students in person and at home, for those who have elected that option. Recent developments include:

  • • Hendricks County is currently designated as an Orange County by the Indiana Department of Health. Based on trend information, it is reasonable to expect that Hendricks County could be moved to Red status in the next two weeks.
  • • When a county is designated as Red, the Indiana Department of Health guidelines state “schools may continue in-person instruction.” Adding, that “decisions should be made in consultation with local health officials.” I am in weekly communication with local health officials, who communicate with those at the state level.
  • • In a recent release, the Indiana Department of Health stated that in spite of increasing numbers, their preference is to keep students in-person whenever possible. State and local health officials continue to point to data throughout our state and county that show our preventative measures in our schools are working very well with data demonstrating that school is one of the safest environments for our children. Interpretation—state and local health officials believe students should be in school and based on that we do not foresee schools closing.
  • • There is information from credible sources that in the coming weeks, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) will significantly reduce the recommended time for quarantining. Next to positive cases of COVID, this is our biggest concern as the number of school days students miss continues to mount.

The rise in cases we are seeing in the nation and state has impacted our schools as well.

  • • In the first quarter of school (which consisted of 46 school days) there were 28 positive student cases of COVID. In the second quarter of school (which consist of 28 school days thus far) there have been 108 student cases of COVID.
  • • School staff who tested positive impacted three of our students (meaning students were quarantined as a result of being exposed to a BCSC staff member.) In the second quarter there were eight staff positive cases that resulted in 39 students being quarantined.
  • • Two elementary classes have been quarantined as required by the Hendricks County Health Department. This is an increase of one class since November 13.
  • • We continue to see the highest number of student cases at our largest school, BHS. In many cases, the surges can be traced to non-school related student gatherings.
  • • 1,709 students at BCSC have been quarantined and all that have completed their quarantine have returned to school on time.
  • • Of the 136 students who have tested positive for COVID, with two exceptions, all who have completed their recovery as directed have returned to school.
  • • 5 At Home Learning students have tested positive in the second quarter. (Those are not reflected in the numbers below.)
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Second Semester Placement Decision – changes due 12/4:

As we have done previously this school year, parents select what they believe is the best placement for their children—either At Home Learning or traditional in person instruction. In an effort to manage class sizes, redirect resources to the areas of greatest need and to provide the most effective level of instruction, families are asked to commit for a designated period of time. If you wish to change your placement for the second semester, please click on the following link https://www.brownsburg.k12.in.us/2021-S2-change and follow the instructions. You do not need to do anything if you wish to continue your current placement. Please know that this placement will be for the entire second semester. Your decision must be submitted by December 4, 2020.

The 2020 calendar year has been especially straining, with every family being impacted, some in the worst ways imaginable. During this time, I have forced myself to be very deliberate in looking at things for which I am thankful. Every person in every position across the entire school corporation has been impacted with significantly increased responsibilities. I am thankful and proud of the way they have responded during this time.

I wish you and your family a safe Thanksgiving.


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Press Release Via Dr. Jim Snapp / Brownsburg Community School Corporation
Date Published – November 25, 2020