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BCSC: 2020-2021 

An Update From Dr. Snapp

BCSC Families,

Tomorrow evening we will share details of the 2020-2021 school re-entry plan for BCSC families. This unprecedented time calls for reasonable choices for parents to review and then decide which plan is best for their family—for children to return to school with enhanced safety measures or to remain at home and receive instruction online.

Most certainly there are a wide range of opinions on how schools should reopen. We have taken those wide-ranging opinions, coupled with the most pressing safety concerns and decided to provide two sound educational choices for parents. We believe even with these two very distinct options, elements of each won’t be precisely what some families were hoping for in making their decision about the upcoming school year. That is understandable. For those returning to school, some parents will hope for greater restrictions, while others hope for schools to return exactly the way they were on our last in-person student day on March 12. For parents considering the online option, some will have a desire for full-time instruction in every subject every day, yet others will expect modest instruction in only a few subjects.

For some parents, neither plan will be a perfect match to their expectations. With safety as our top priority for the physical return of students to school, we sought and received approval for our plan from the Hendricks County Health Commissioner. Also approved was the intervention plan should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19 in our schools. Based on statewide academic results, we know the in-person instructional program we provide is Indiana’s best. The online version, and preparations for a potential second wave, fully take into consideration all that we learned in the spring by adding more direct instruction and accelerating the delivery of rigorous curriculum.

Our hope is that one of these two options match or come close to aligning with your expectations and you can use the information provided tomorrow evening to make an informed decision by July 10. Ultimately what you choose to do for the 2020-2021 school year for your family is your decision.


Jim Snapp

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