Brownsburg Fire Territory Partners with Walmart to Promote Social Distancing



Brownsburg April 2nd 2020 – You will see changes at Walmart that promotes social distancing keeping our community safe along with their employees.

BFT has been working with Walmart to develop a safe plan that promotes social distancing. Access for shopping and leaving the store will only be at the grocery entrance at the south side of the building. All fire exits are still available but when social distancing is so important we have implemented this plan to promote safety to address the Coronavirus risk.

We ask that if you need to get groceries only one person from your family does the shopping to reduce the numbers in the store. We also realize that single parents and others may not have that option and we understand. Just please keep that in mind and do what you can to keep the numbers down.

Stay Brownsburg strong as we faithfully serve you.

North Entrance temporarily closed
Inside view of the grocery entrance at the south end of the building

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