Town Council Highlights


February 8th, 2018 Regularly scheduled Town Council meeting

  Brian Jessen was in charge for this evening since Sean Benham was absent.  Mr. Jessen indicated that all other members were present. At the beginning of the meeting, Brian Jessen tabled agenda item 9.2 which was ordinance #2018-01 the ethics ordinance. Citizen’s comments about the agenda brought David Weyant to the podium.  He spoke to the now tabled motion asking why there was not an inclusion of a social media policy and that no date to revisit was given at the time of tabling. Later in the meeting Mr. Jessen indicated that he would bring the ordinance back to the council in March.

  Reports from commission and boards brought up Todd Barker for the Advisory Plan Commission and the Advisory Board of zoning appeals report.  The council questioned Mr. Barker on the Hendricks County Bank at the corner of Main and Green Street.  He noted that they had one more plat approval and expected to take about 12 months to complete the structure.  He did not give any start timing for the project.

  Next, Todd Wallace gave an update on the wastewater treatment plant expansion. The final completion date is July 30th and they are substantially ahead of schedule at the moment. They are trying to turn on the UV in April.  They are 1.2% of change orders but budgeted 5% of change orders. The town is pleased with the quality of the work.

  Old Business was the voluntary annexation of real estate for Emerald Park project at the roundabout South green street and 300North.  They asked to be zoned R-3 and a planned development.  The project has  a favorable recommendation.  This is an advertised public hearing and David Weyant asked about the egress from the development which is only at 300 North.  Mr. Dawes made a motion to approve on 2nd reading with Ms. Hobbs seconded the motion.  The council passed the ordinance on second reading.

  New for consideration was the fiscal plan attached to the Emerald Park annexation.  Mr. Dawes noted that this would add to the assessed value of the town and will not increase taxes.   The resolution was passed 4-0 by the town council.

  The second ordinance was a zoning map amendment to change the roof pitch  for part of the Heritage Hills project.  This has a favorable recommendation for the request from the Advisory Planning Commission.  The ordinance was passed 4-0 on first reading.

  At Citizen’s comments Mr. Weyant commended the council for addressing his question during the meeting.  Next up was Mr. Sibbing, he asked if there will be a map for the detour for Green Street and timing of the light at 56th and Grant Street.

  February 22nd Special Joint meeting of the Brown Township, Lincoln Township trustees and the Town Council

  All three entities called to order their meetings.  There was one item on the docket which was the re-establishment of Equipment Fund Rate for the Brownsburg Fire Territory which is an advertised public hearing.  First to the podium for the public hearing was Mr. Murphy.  He had attended the Brown Township meeting where this was discussed.  He noted that the Brown township has a surplus of funds of over 1.0 million dollars and thinks that the Brown Township  Board should help fund the equipment. The Brown Township board and the Lincoln Township board passed unanimously.  Because only three council members were present they needed to change to first reading only.  It passed on first reading and will be voted on again during the March 8th town council meeting.

February 22nd, 2018 Regularly scheduled Town Council meeting

  Mr. Benham indicated that only three members were present for this evenings meeting.  There were no citizen’s comments to items on the agenda.

  After the approval of consent items, the agenda moved to the awarding of bids for the North Green Street improvement project.  INDoT received 7 bids with the low bid coming from Calumet Contractors for the amount of 3.1 million dollars.  INDoT approves of the bid and it moves to the town for approval.  This is a MPO project which means that this is a grant with the state taking on 90% of the cost.  The city will need to pay approximately $750,000 dollars. Timing for the project is the North half of the project in 2018 and the south half in 2019 with the railroad being the dividing line.  The town is hoping to get it all completed in 2018. Envoy is trying to open in May. The other developments are looking at October through January/February 2019. This was passed 3-0.

  Old Business brought up the voluntary annexation of real estate for the Emerald Park development.  The ordinance was approved 3-0. Next up was the zoning change for the roof pitch ordinance for a part of Heritage Hills.  This was approved on 2nd, 3rd and final reading by a vote of 3-0.

   New business started with a resolution to approve settlements for the right of way for the East Northfield Drive project.  There are four parcels impacted by the extension of East Northfield between Airport Road and 300 North. There were 11 parcels impacted by the project, seven parcels are already settled.  The town council approved the resolution 3-0.

  Next was a resolution to allow unincorporated  land to be annexed to the Town of Avon that is located in Lincoln Township.  It asks the Town of Brownsburg to approve a 2 acre parcel to be annexed to the Town of Avon per the interlocal agreement between the two towns. The resolution was approved 3-0.

  Next was a motion for Right of Way dedication from the villas of heritage Hill’s Homeowner’s association.  This motion allows staff and legal to do anything necessary for the right of way dedication. This was approved 3-0.

  Last was a motion to approve the selection of Houseal Lavigne Associates as the consultant to help with the economic development strategic plan.  The monies will come out of TIF, EDIT and the Ronald Reagan Consultant line items in the budget not to exceed $100,000. The motion was approved 3-0.

  During town manager items, Todd Wallace presented the detours for Green Street between Main and 56th street.  This was requested at the February 8th meeting.

At citizen’s comment, Mr. Sibbing asked when the stop light would be installed at 56th and Grant.  The light poles are on order and should arrive in the June time frame.  Next was Jim Murphy about the sidewalk under I-74 was not maintained for snow removal people who walk to work were walking on 267. This is not private property and should be maintained by the town.

March 8th, 2018 Town Council meeting

The meeting was opened by Mr. Benham and he indicated that all members were present.  After approval of consent items, the next item on the agenda was bid openings and awards for Cardinal Park and Hornaday Trail.  The low bid was by Calumet at 1.2 Million dollars.  The park board forwarded a favorable recommendation for approval.  When approved, they will start the process this spring.  This was approved 5-0.

Previously consider had one item was the 2nd, 3rd and final approval of the Uniform rate for the Brownsburg Fire Territory equipment replacement fund.  This was adopted by the two township boards at the February 22nd special meeting.  It was approve 5-0.

  New items tonight started with a resolution to approve additional appropriation for the Cardinal Park and recreation trails.  The funds were originally budgeted in 2016 and when they were not used the funds were moved to the park impact fee fund. The park Board is asking for the funds to be re-appropriated to the project.  This was approved 5-0.

  Next up was an ordinance to approve the zone improvement plan and recreation impact fee.  This is required by state statue to continual to have an impact fee. The study did not include north annexation as it did in the past and would have to be redone if annexation moved forward. The consultant stated that the current impact fee is around $1156 and should be increased to $1191. The town approved on first reading 5-0.

  Resolution 2018-07 requests authorization to execute documentation needed to close on the Tague property.  The resolution was approved 5-0.

  The last item was a motion for assignment, assumption and amendment of voluntary annexation and economic development agreement and loan documents.  This is being caused by a new developer taking over the expansion of this area. This motion is asking the town council for the ability to go forward with the agreement. The motion was approved 5-0.

March 22, 2018

  Mr. Benham opened the meeting and indicated that all members were present. Mr. Benham read a proclamation recognizing National Vietnam Veterans day.  After approval of the consent items, Chief Joe Grimes spoke to the Police Department report.  He discussed the crime watch program and asked areas that are not within the crime watch to sign up for the program.

  For previously considered items, the town considered the 2nd reading for the updated Zone Improvement Plan and established a replacement impact fee.  The new impact fee would go into effect in October of 2018. The ten year schedule adjusts the fees by 3% each year. The ordinance was approved on 2nd reading.

  Under new business were three items for Life Science Logistics, LLC asking for approval of an 8 year real property tax deduction and personal property tax deduction which were passed by the town council by a vote of 5-0. The last item was for a training/education grant which was approved 5-0.

  The last item for this evening was this year’s Brownsburg and Brownsburg Little League lease for the four remaining diamonds at Arbuckle park.  Lucas drive will be available for the Spring season.  The Little League will be utilizing two diamonds at west middle school this year.  The lease was approved 5-0.

  Under Town Manager items, Todd Wallace has given his resignation and his end date will be April 6th.The Editor